janvier 28, 2012

BLUE metallic snake

Okaaay so i'm usually not into the "heylookatmyoutfitoftheday" thing, but i guess i'll make one -more- exception for those pants...
Hello babes!

janvier 22, 2012

LONDON for a week

fashion students go to LONDON.
they visit museums, go shopping and have their mouthes drooling face to cupcakes.

Images please.

(they go party as well)

pink metallic marshmallows...
and glittering donuts. God exists


i like simple things.
I can perfectly imagin having this one in my living room in the future

and having this wallpaper as well


janvier 18, 2012


be careful, we're dark, sexy, and mean (plus ; we eat pies)

janvier 15, 2012

Meadham Kirchhoff SS12

oupsee, that was me
my blog, my rules, my pleasure, i think thats what they say

janvier 04, 2012

leopardo mood

trying to get the stress out of my body today
is it fair to be starting 2012 with that kind of fear !? EXAMS

janvier 01, 2012


lET's start it with dignity

I hope you were all wearing sparkling outfits and accessories
to be queen (and king!) of the night

YOU are gonna be special this year, and maybe you'll raise a unicorn

(eh.. i hope you won't mind the current kitschy mood, my love for
that kind of 'cosmetic' just increased these days and i feel like sharing)
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