mars 30, 2010

Starving in Lille : K0koa

Kokoa, i've discovered this place this afternoon.
I've been told about this bar/salon de thé, and a few days only passed before we got there (excellent reason to celebrate the upcoming holidays, uh ?)

Waffles, ice cream 2.50€ + 2€

Milk shake. 4€20 (50cents more for the whipped cream)

ICECREAMS (Toblerone, Pop corn, Redbull, Cheese cake... and of course, strawberry, apricot, cookie, speculoos)

How to get there : it's in the centre ! Grand place.
Subway : Rihour or Gare Lille flandres

mars 28, 2010

bloody brownie


mars 03, 2010

Starving in Lille : Notting Hill Coffee

Where to have a break when you're visiting Lille ?
Come to the Notting Hill Coffee ! rue Esquermoise, Place des patiniers, and more recently Grand Place.
Delicious story

10 in the morning, 4 in the afternoon, 12 in the night ? There's no specific hour to go there (well, except if it's closed).
Bagels and sandwichs, but also and especially, COOKIES, MUFFINS, brownies, donuts. cookies, muffns, brownies donuts, cookies, muffins -ok stop-
Every kind of taste ; Chocolate, white chocolate, rhubarb, blackberry, pear, banana...
Marvellous Milk shakes. Banana, vanilla, straxberry, raspberry, banana vanilla, banana strawberry... -ok stop-

2€ for cookies and muffins, that, is even better.
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