juin 29, 2010

7 things to make you drool on T'you'sday !

Richard Gere and Hatchi. Whats the link with the verb 'to drool' ? No, not the slime of the dog, but the slime of the eyes. (nice metaphor, i know)
because my tissue looks like a mop (just that it's less dirty)

Castelbajac loves Disney, I love Castelbajac

Ice creams

mental shoes !

mental cap

mental swimsuit

juin 28, 2010

Pink holidays

nothing to do today. Holidays.

i found a ring in my cupboard

how to say.. i've got time

juin 26, 2010

juin 22, 2010

7 things to make you drool !

DROOL : baver in french
It's a shortcake, made by myself on a sunday.

"Wood pixels" by american artist Shawn Smith

L'Ophélia by Millais, i wanted this painting to figure on this blog

Will Cotton's paintings, american artist

crazy knickers

Guillemette Lanthiez, interior architect

juin 20, 2010


Salut les mordus.


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