mai 28, 2012

SS 1992

Dress: vintage
Shoes : Asos
Fringe top : H&m Fashion against aids 2012
Glasses : Asos

mai 24, 2012

Personal Collection

Collection de fin d'études
End of year Collection

DESIGN : Barbara Malewicz
Photography : Barbara Malewicz
MODEL : Lucy Druon

mai 17, 2012

Off to London in my new beloved raffia creepers !
next post will be either about London, or it will display my collection, so, see you there !

mai 08, 2012


dip dye, tie and dye..well, peace and print guys!

 fluo, fluo, bra, fluo.. peace and fluobra !?

 AND, a premiere for you dear readers, here is one piece from my collection..
Stay tuned for the photoshoot with the whole collection!

mai 04, 2012

temps de chien

In France, when it's raining, or simply grey everyday -as it is those days- we say it's a dog's weather.
As it's been my feeling lately, let's try to be happy anyway, and smile thanks to those pics.
Animals are our friends, aren't they ? (i'm trying to convince myself here, since my cat has spread her fleas everywhere in my room, and i'm now stung all around my feet)


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