mars 29, 2012

envies violettes

i bought new friends

i got pierced, now my belly is a jewel to me

the fabric i'm currently using for one of the toiles of my collection :)

my pony look

news ?
i'm working hard on my collection
examinations are in 2 months
i'm also looking for a summer job, and desperately willing to find some BEN & JERRY'S STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE
let's say i'm very busy running here and there to find all that significant stuff (especially the ice cream)

mars 16, 2012

C'est une serpillère darling, tu ne peux pas porter ça

scarves scarves scarves scarves gold gold gold gold
This trend is definitely mine (i'm not even sure i can share it)

D&G SS12

mars 09, 2012

let them eat jewels


eh.. that's just because, if he dressed like this all the time, i would totally be into snoop dogg (well, almost totally)

mars 06, 2012

Graou (bis)

Lanvin, AW 2012 2013
Thanks for the tiger heads details

mars 03, 2012

Meow. Graou

Topshop tiger printed jumper
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