décembre 24, 2011

All I want for christmas...

is BAILEYS ! and shoes, obviously.
As always, i wish you all a very merry happy christmas.
Drink a lot of baileys for me.

décembre 20, 2011


my kitschy self in my kitschy bathroom
kitsch project

décembre 10, 2011


Hi there !
today, let's do it short.
5 funny things to remind you christmas is coming, and so you should be buying crazy stuff to your beloved ones

Merry Christmas

décembre 03, 2011

back again under water

follow me down the ocean

Photography project ; movement and weird aquatic creatures
imagined, styled and shot by myself

novembre 20, 2011

Christian dada

Masanori Morikawa, born in 1984.
Former assistant of Charles Anastase.
He launched a brand called Livraison with a friend, before starting his own label Christian Dada.
First collection for AW 2010.
He also designed Lady Gaga's costume for Mtv video music aid Japan.

novembre 06, 2011

frosties de kellogs

Do you have time for breakfast during week days ? You know, those days, when you're all sleepy and have to hurry anyway, to be on time to go to work/school.. What's more, here is the moment when you have to leave the tropical heat of your bed, to find yourself standing in an igloo. So you just try to satisfy yourself, eating what you can find, orange juice, a slice of bread, a kiwi, a maxi king kinder ?

Well, here is one tip to make you happy every single day, just eat this :


Un bon p'tit dej, on oublie un peu ce que c'est durant la semaine non ? T'es à la bourre, encore tout endormi, en plus à cette période de l'année tu quittes la chaleur tropicale de ta couette pour te retrouver dans un igloo, pas coule. Alors voila, tu débarques dans la cuisine froide, et tu chopes de vieilles tartines, de la confiture s'il en reste, une gorgée de jus de banane et basta.

STOP. Ca, ca va vous mettre de bonne humeur tous les jours :

if only...

octobre 31, 2011

Would you like some cream-shoes with your salmon ?

Shoes, that remains one of the main girls' obsession i guess..
I'm feeling like having nice dreams tonight.. Lovely girly shiny dreams on October 31st evening
Happy pretty halloween ladies !

octobre 30, 2011

In Barbarella's spaceship

Some time ago, some event was going on at my place. Indeed, I was organizing a party in my flat, or i would rather say in my spaceship, a 'barbarella" party.

Ok, i must say i've chosen to realise my fashion design year project focusing on this universe, but honestly no, i didn't chose this theme on purpose. Well, somehow, i liked it, i mean of course, i like the theme, inconsciously and intrinsically (?) as well..
Anyway, i'm writing all this mainly to show you the joyful pictures and the most amazing outfits of that night !

Getting prepared with my personal hairstylist

énergumènes galactiques

justicières cosmiques

octobre 22, 2011

UNDERWATER photoshoot

First picture out of a complete serie.
Imagined, styled and shot by Barbara Malewicz

Movement underwater.
aquatic fascination.

octobre 05, 2011

Nous sommes des ANIMAUX

Il y a quelques temps, après une journée à Calais, une visite au musée de la dentelle, et un détour à la plage... Nous organisions la soirée d'intégration de nos nouveaux première année, en mode ANIMAL
Some time ago, after a nice day in Calais, to visit the lace museum, and have a quick walk down the beach.. We organized a party to say WELCOME to our new first year in fashion design. Theme was ANIMAL

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