octobre 31, 2011

Would you like some cream-shoes with your salmon ?

Shoes, that remains one of the main girls' obsession i guess..
I'm feeling like having nice dreams tonight.. Lovely girly shiny dreams on October 31st evening
Happy pretty halloween ladies !

octobre 30, 2011

In Barbarella's spaceship

Some time ago, some event was going on at my place. Indeed, I was organizing a party in my flat, or i would rather say in my spaceship, a 'barbarella" party.

Ok, i must say i've chosen to realise my fashion design year project focusing on this universe, but honestly no, i didn't chose this theme on purpose. Well, somehow, i liked it, i mean of course, i like the theme, inconsciously and intrinsically (?) as well..
Anyway, i'm writing all this mainly to show you the joyful pictures and the most amazing outfits of that night !

Getting prepared with my personal hairstylist

énergumènes galactiques

justicières cosmiques

octobre 22, 2011

UNDERWATER photoshoot

First picture out of a complete serie.
Imagined, styled and shot by Barbara Malewicz

Movement underwater.
aquatic fascination.

octobre 05, 2011

Nous sommes des ANIMAUX

Il y a quelques temps, après une journée à Calais, une visite au musée de la dentelle, et un détour à la plage... Nous organisions la soirée d'intégration de nos nouveaux première année, en mode ANIMAL
Some time ago, after a nice day in Calais, to visit the lace museum, and have a quick walk down the beach.. We organized a party to say WELCOME to our new first year in fashion design. Theme was ANIMAL

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