février 24, 2011

Tatty Devine

Ready to leave France to go and LIVE in England, right in the city of London :)
I'm gonna be interning for Tatty Devine during 2 months.
Have a look at their crazy style

février 17, 2011


Textile creation. Making holes by : cutting and pulling the threads out of the fabric

Agatha ruiz de la prada

it hurts your fingers

février 13, 2011


What's that !?
Marie Antoinette's revival..
I did it, i had a crush, and i succumbed. I BOUGHT THIS MANOUSH JACKET

février 09, 2011

Pierreries revisitées

see this crown ?
Translate, think again. inspire.
Take a tshirt, change it !

Wisigoth inspiration.
heaviness of the stone, metals, heaviness of a social status.
wealth that pulls down

février 04, 2011


Because we're HYPE, keen on fashion, and good at it
-yeep yeep-

Come and visit us each year in January

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