juin 25, 2011

Douce France

Cher pays de mon enfance ! This is a song by icantrememberwho. And this means I'm going back to France just for a week of holidays !

Will be right back in London after that to complete my next internship for designer Kirsty Ward.
For now, here are some shitty shots from recent things in London.. "things", haha, the last things are my 20th birthday present. Getting old can -sometimes- be good!

A walk in London bridge, sunny weather :)
and home made kind of rice pudding bananas, apples and jam.

Swedish festival in Hyde Park with new London friends from everywhere in Europe :)

(oh I'm sorry, I didn't really have time to take a proper picture with an outfit and stuff.. (or was too lazy to do it), so these are just my feet, and don't pay attention to my pajama pants! (ok, even if it's quite obvious on the pictures..:) just forget about it, and anyway the Jeffrey Campbell shoes must help you focus on something else right ? I'll stop writing now. Good night !)

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