juin 08, 2011

Graduate fashion week in London

I've got another story to tell you about. I've heard about a "graduate fashion week" happening in London a few days ago. I had never heard about it, so I just checked on the internet (an amazing friend, he knows about everything!) and disocvered it was some big event happening in West London. An event during which all the best students, from every universities in England, show off their work of the year, their final collection.

Excited, I decided to try and request a Press pass. Indeed, I didn't really want to spend 10£ for each university show... What's more, as I'm a writer for EMPREINTES DIGITALES, I really wanted to write something about it, and to do so, I HAD to go and see it properly. Well..just thought it
was supposed to be useful sometimes to have some "press status"! Anyway, I just asked for it, and I got it ! As simple as that !
A free pass, to go everywhere, at every time..

Here are the photos of those amazing days !

Stylish people

Myself playing the fashion reporter..

A dessert well deserved, doesn't it ?

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Philippine a dit…

Quelle défilé !! :D


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