juillet 29, 2011

Algues et autres trucs visqueux

Christopher Kane - AW 2011 2012
Algae and other viscous, sticky stuff come to my mind

Une idée ouffissime. J'aurais aimé qu'il l'utilise davantage qu'en petites touches placées.
Je le ferai moi-même. Haha.
I love the idea. I would just have preferred it in some crazier way. I may push the idea myself one day, hehe.
Jelly time for now !

2 commentaires:

Marissa Joy a dit…

The Christopher Kane collection was definitely a little odd, but really interesting! I can't say that I love plastic clothing (or plastic looking)- its a little too Lady Gaga for me. However, I think the way he shapes the clothes is so cool.


Barbara a dit…

Haha I indeed think it's really interesting and there's something to do with it, but like..in a more impressive way maybe !? Something even more gaga ..

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