août 06, 2011



Today, here are some picture from last amazing week.
I've completed a short course at the Central St Martins in Fashion Styling. We've had 3 projects to handle, focusing on trends and fashion, and of course the photoshoot !
This was very intense, energic and stimulating.
Here are the photos of the making of the photoshoot, for which I've been the stylist.

This was about the terrorist attack in Norway. I wanted to focus on the feelings of the victims which wanted at first to try to escape, then who were so afraid of the situation that they tried to hide. There's as well the idea of sadness, and death. In the end, to finish the shoot with some positive feeling, I decided to represent how the population ended stronger than before, everyone gathering together with peace, strength and love.

the model preparing with the hair and make up artist.

Some random pictures



Soon, the final pictures will be posted !
Photographer : Logan Mcdougall Pope
Hair and make up : Leila Boyde
Model : Amy U. from Oxygen agency
Styling : Barbara Malewicz


2 commentaires:

Lill-Veronica Skoglund a dit…

/ Thank you, I appreciate it! :)

I must say, I really like the idea behind your shoot. I'm excited to see the final result!

Vanessa, Take only Memories a dit…

Very cool photos shoot!

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